R Resources (Updated 1/17/15)

This page includes links to Learn R tools that I have developed and also R resources that I have used and found helpful. Please give me feedback on any problems with these links and suggestions for links to additional resources.

R-Bloggers – Best Way to Keep Up To Date with R 

My Learn R Toolkit

I have developed a series of video tutorials to help new R users learn R.The videos are geared toward Excel users who want to add R to their data analysis toolkit.

Visit this page  to get more information on my LearnR Toolkit and to download the free videos.

R Software

  • CRAN – Comprehensive R Archival Network: The place to start for downloading R, complete documentation, list of manuals, everything R
  • TINN-R -The R code editor that I use.
R Tutorials – Manuals
Using R Within Excel

Advanced Graphics Tools

5 responses to “R Resources (Updated 1/17/15)

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  2. Nice work, Will send you more resources, if I find on graphs and charts.

  3. Mumtaz

    I use TINN-R for my script writing. It’s simple, works well and is fully compatible with R.

  4. New to R, but have heard of Statistical Lab that provides a GUI wrapper but uses an older version of R engine. Would you recommend the GUI?

  5. Nice job Kelly. As I get into R, I will be a regular on here.

    Thanks for posting these resources!

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