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Chart Doctor Update

Non Issue Is Over

It’s been an interesting 24 hours  in the chart blog world. I am happy to announce that the Chart Doctor name issue is completely resolved on my part and I apologize for generating what turned out to be an unnecessary controversy because Akismet flagged my comment to Chandoo’s post as spam. Continue reading

The Original Chart Doctor

Chart Doctor Started 9/30/06

I started my Chart Doctor feature at ProcessTrends.Com way back on 9/30/06: Continue reading

Excel Deja Vu All Over Again

In reading a recent Excel charting post, I got that Yogi Berra feeling, “..this is deja vu all over again”. I could have sworn that I had made or seen  a similar chart several years ago. This  post looks into the deja vu mystery and reports on my findings. You’ll have to read this post to see if Yogi’s quote applies to Excel charts.

Continue reading