El Nino – Major Global Force

As a climate enthusiast, I am fascinated with El Nino – L Nina, how it works and its role on global weather patterns.  I will be collecting various web based images – charts on El Nino – La Nina that I find helpful in understanding this force of nature.  I’ll keep them on my new El Nino Basics page.


Animation of Walker circulation – Australian Bureau of Meteorology  (Link)


Nino 3.4 SST Anomaly  and Southern Oscillation Index (Link)


NOAA: ESRL – PSD Longitudinal SST Anomaly Since 1995 (Link)

Notice how -10S to 10N warmed and cooled since 1985, major warmup in 1998 El Nino.





Advance of Southwest Monsoon – India meteorological   Department (Link)

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