LearnR Toolkit To Help Excel Users Move Up To R (updated 6/14/14)

As a former  Excel chart user, I want to help current Excel users make the transition to more advanced charting R with as little difficulty as possible. This post introduces my LearnR Toolkit to help Excel users move up to R in a systematic, step by step fashion.


As an Excel chart user, I wanted to produce panel charts like this:



After using VBA to build Excel panel charts, I knew I had to use a more advanced charting tool to continue my global warming, citizen climate science studies.  R was the logical solution; I have made the switch to R and am now able to generate the types of charts I need to continue my citizen climate science efforts.

LearnR Toolkit

I’ve put together  a series of instructional PowerPoint,  video modules with supporting  R scripts and data files to help Excel users learn R. You can download either the  Zip file that includes the PPT file, video files, R script example files and example data files for a module or just download the PPT file which includes the embedded video.

Here’s a list of the modules with links to the Zip and PPT files.

Learn R Toolkit Modules

Zip includes: PPT, Videos, Example Script & Data Files
only includes PPT & Embedded Video

Click Link to Download Zip or PPT File

Topic Zip
Intro Getting Familiar with R
Intro to LearnR Toolkit
1 Install & Set Up R Zip 1 PPT_1
2 Compare R and Excel Worlds Zip 2 PPT_2
3 R Script Basics Zip 3 PPT_3
4 R Charts Zip 4 PPT_4
5 Box, Dot, Histogram, Strip Charts Zip 5 PPT_5

When viewing a PPT file, be sure to put PowerPoint in slide show  mode to be able to see the embedded videos. When you advance to a slide that introduces a video, click inside the large box that shows the 1st screen of the video to start the video.

Installing Zip Files

The full Learn R Toolkit includes an Introduction and 5 modules, with 80 files.  Users who want to access the R scripts and data files that I discuss in the videos should download the Zip file for the desired module.

I have organized the PowerPoint files, videos and scripts to be located in the C:\Learn_R\ directory. Each module should be located in a subdirectory of the C:\Learn_R\ directory.

Since your system is likely different from mine (PC, Window XP) I can not describe exactly what you will see.

You will need to Extract the Zip file to your hard drive. Press the Extract menu (or equivalent). It will bring up a window where you specify the folder where the files should be placed. You can now create a C:\Learn_R folder by pressing the yellow folder icon to the right of the Extract to address box. This will bring up a new Create Folder window. Enter the C:\Learn_R \ here. Then press OK. Note – you only have to create the folder once, for the later zip files you can simply select the C:\Learn_R folder.

Once you have created your C:/LearnR folder and unzipped your module, you will want to view the module. Navigate to the C:/LearnR folder, select the sub folder (Introduction, Module 1,etc) and then select the PowerPoint file in that folder.

13 responses to “LearnR Toolkit To Help Excel Users Move Up To R (updated 6/14/14)

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  4. Again, thanks for this stuff – but the links to the ZIP files point to your processtrends.com website and no longer work.

    • Thanks Joe.

      I’ve added the zip files back so you can download them if you’d like.

      The link to the familiar ppt file seems to work for me. Can you recheck and let me know if you still have the problem?


    • I’ve added the zip files back so you can download them if you’d like.

  5. Thanks so much for this – the link for the first (“familiar”) PPT is wrong – it should be: https://chartsgraphs.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/learn_r_getting_familiar_w_r.ppt

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  7. Thank you very much for providing this tutorial! I started loving the amazing things which can be done in R.. More power to you!

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  10. Emil Begtrup-Bright

    this is truly a great help. Thanks alot for making it available to us!

    Greetings from a danish sociology-student

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