Nov 2010 Year-To-Date Global Temperature Anomaly 1st in 2 Series, 2nd in 3 Series: Update

This post shows the YTD global land – ocean temperature anomaly (LOTA) trends for the 5 major series through November, 2010 and how  2010 YTD ranks over the entire record for each series.  The source data  file link is provided.

Consolidated Climate Data Series File Updated Through Nov., 2010

I have updated my RClimate data series csv file with the November, 2010 data, available at this link. The file now contains 9 monthly climate series, as shown in this snap shot:

2010 YTD Temperature Anomalies Warm Even in La Nina

Here are the YTD trends for the 5 major global land-ocean temperature anomaly (LOTA) series as well as the 2010 YTD rankings for each series:
Click to Enlarge

Through November, 201o has the highest YTD temperature anomaly for 2 series: GISS and NOAA; and the second highest YTD anomaly for 3 series:  HAD, RSS, UAH.  1998,   another El Nino related warm year, had the 2nd highest YTD anomaly for GISS and NOAA series, 1st for HAD,  RSS and UAH series.

I have revised the  HAD series file that I use to this file because Hadley updates it earlier than the file I used previously (link).

3 responses to “Nov 2010 Year-To-Date Global Temperature Anomaly 1st in 2 Series, 2nd in 3 Series: Update

  1. Hello !
    Happy new year !

    Do you have the R script for the same 5 plots, but with the 5 averages annual/12 months ? (To calculate this 5 averages/12 months after each month-end, for example, december 2009 to november 2010)

    Thank you !

  2. Kelly – have been checking here periodically in anticipation of your November update. A question, this site does an analysis of HadCRUT’s November:

    If you click on HadCRUT link, you’ll get a download of the November data used. I’m complete novice at this, but why was that accessible when the HadCRUT site has no November data?

    • JCH

      Glad to hear that you are following my monthly updates.

      Hadley maintains several monthly global anomaly files. The file I had been using was the last one updated by Hadley. Since it takes Hadley quite a while to update this file, I have changes my Hadley source file to one that is updated more quickly.

      Here are the links:

      My original Hadley file link

      Revised Hadley file link


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