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Oct 2010 Year-To-Date Global Temperature Anomaly 1st in 2 Series, 2nd in 3 Series

This post shows the YTD global land – ocean temperature anomaly (LOTA) trends for the 5 major series through October, 2010 and how  2010 YTD ranks over the entire record for each series. The source data  file link is provided.

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RClimate Tools for Do It Yourself Climate Trend Analysis – Nov, 2010 Update

I have made several updates to  RClimate tools for do-it-yourself  climate scientists.  The downloadable monthly climate trends file  (link to csv file) now includes the 5 major global land-ocean temperature anomaly time series (GISS, HAD, NOAA, RSS, UAH) as well as  PDO, AMO and NINI34 indexes.  Stay tuned, I plan to add several more series in the next few weeks. Do you have any suggestions?

I have also added several functions to my on-line RClimate.txt file to help DIY  citizen climate scientists to quickly and easily retrieve up to date climate trend data so that they can spend their time analyzing the  temperature anomaly and climate oscillation trends rather than slugging through data downloads and reformatting.

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2010 On Track to Being 2nd Warmest Year Since 1880

In this post I present a 5 panel trend charts which show the year-to-date  anomaly trends for the 5 major global temperature anomaly series and a table that shows how  2010 YTD ranks over the entire record for each series. The source data and RClimate script file links are provided.

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