Global Warming in My Lifetime – July’s Story

NASA GISS has a great web application that let’s users generate  maps of global monthly temperature anomalies in 2 degree grids.  I’ve made a 27 second video of 7 decade maps for July to see how global temperature anomalies have progressed through my life so far.

Here’s the link to NASA GISS’s map application page. It’s very easy to use.

My video shows 7 maps, each showing the July average for each of the 16,200 grid cells (2×2 lat/lon).
Click to play

Here are GISS’s estimated decadal averages for July: All anomalies are based on 1951-1980 means.

Let’s take a closer look at the July average for the past decade:

While the globally averaged decadal anomaly for July was 0.49 C, we see a few areas with negative anomalies and some with essentially no difference to the 1951-80 mean and many areas with anomalies 1-4C above the 1951-80 means. In the Northern Hemisphere, we see increasing anomalies as we move north.

Major parts of Western US and Canada had July anomalies of 1-4C during the 2001-2010 decade.  The same for north Africa and Europe and the Arctic region.

To me, this is another demonstration of global warming. It is happening now, not some abstract time in the future. It is global in extent, with vulnerable areas like the Arctic region severely affected.

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