Daily Archives: February 10, 2010

Tracking Climate Trends with RClimate Scripts and Links

Some of my visitors may have noticed that I have added a new Climate Images page and have been adding climate data images to my right side panel. So far, I have 6 trend charts, 4 map images, 1 photo image and 1  data value  showing the CO2 concentrations, recent total solar irradiance (TSI) , temperature anomalies and  Arctic sea ice extent trends and map images of global and SST anomalies and  Arctic sea ice extent.

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RClimate Script: Arctic Sea Ice Extent Trend By Month

This RClimate Script lets users retrieve and plot the latest data on Arctic Sea Ice Extent  trends by month from 1979 to latest completed month. The trend chart shows National Snow and Ice Data Center’s (NSIDC)  monthly Arctic Sea Ice extent data.

Arctic Sea Ice Trend by Month

I’ve discussed the Arctic sea ice extent trends in this earlier post.

Here’s NSIDC’s Arctic  sea ice extent trend by month chart  since 1979.

This chart shows the 12 monthly sea ice extent trends, with the latest completed month highlighted in red.

Here are the data and RClimate Script links: