Chart Doctor Update

Non Issue Is Over

It’s been an interesting 24 hours  in the chart blog world. I am happy to announce that the Chart Doctor name issue is completely resolved on my part and I apologize for generating what turned out to be an unnecessary controversy because Akismet flagged my comment to Chandoo’s post as spam.

Chain of Events

On June 12, Chandoo and Jon Peltier  announced that they were starting a new joint feature critiquing bad charts and they planned to call it Chart Doctor. Jon, like several others has done that a lot in the past several years.

Bad chart criticism is great way to help the data analysis community and I encourage everyone to participate. Certainly Chandoo and Jon are among the most qualified chart bloggers I know so their contributions are and will continue to be important for all of us.

My only concern was that they planned to use the Chart Doctor name that I had started using 21 months earlier. I wrote a comment to Chandoo’s post,  on Friday, June 12,   linking to my Chart Doctor pages and asking for an explanation of how he  could use the same  name.  I waited for a reply to my comment, either an e-mail from Chandoo or a reply to my comment . On Sunday, 6/14,  another comment appeared on Chandoo’s post but my 6/12 comment did not show up.

On Monday, 6/15,  I again checked and found no reply to 6/12 comment. Putting 2 and 2 together, I figured that Chandoo was ignoring my comment and was planning to go ahead and use the Chart Doctor name for the  new feature.

I wrote my Original Chart Doctor on 6/15. Chandoo saw my post, checked his Askimet file and found my comment locked away as spam, probably because it had several links that Akismet flagged as spam.   Chandoo quickly responded, explaning the Akismet trap of my comment.  Jon later posted, indicting that they would likely change the name of their feature. Issue, controversy closed.

Good Luck to Chandoo and Jon

I wish Chandoo and Jon the best with their new feature and look forward to reading many interesting posts by them.

Now let’s get back to making better  charts and graphs.

2 responses to “Chart Doctor Update

  1. I agree with Bernard. Happy ending to Chart Doctor issue.

    I love the technical aspects of your data sets. Thanks for being a great source of information and proper technique.


  2. Glad to know this didn’t end-up in a pointless bloodbath. There are too few of us striving to spread the good word on Information Visualisation best-practices applied to the business world to have that kind of “blog-war”. Looking forward to your nexts posts.
    All the best

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