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Romney’s Views on Coal: Bad for Americans’ Health, the Enviroment and the Climate

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Oct 2010 Year-To-Date Global Temperature Anomaly 1st in 2 Series, 2nd in 3 Series

This post shows the YTD global land – ocean temperature anomaly (LOTA) trends for the 5 major series through October, 2010 and how  2010 YTD ranks over the entire record for each series. The source data  file link is provided.

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2010 On Track to Being 2nd Warmest Year Since 1880

In this post I present a 5 panel trend charts which show the year-to-date  anomaly trends for the 5 major global temperature anomaly series and a table that shows how  2010 YTD ranks over the entire record for each series. The source data and RClimate script file links are provided.

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September Anomaly Trends Show Global Warming Continues: Update 1

In this post I present a trend chart which shows the September anomaly trends for the 5 major global temperature anomaly series and a table that shows how September 2010 ranks over the entire record for each series. The source data and RClimate script file links are provided.

Update 1: In a comment,  ChristianP  suggested the addition of a loess regression fit to the trend line chart. Thanks ChristianP.

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Trends: 1979-2014; Update 2

Now that the 2010 2013 Arctic sea ice melt season is over, we can see how 2010  2013 fits into the long-term trends Arctic  Sea Ice Extent. This post shows an R Climate chart that I have made to look at the annual  NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice Extent maximum, minimum and seasonal melt trends for the 35 year period, 1979 to 2013. Data and RClimate scripts are provided.
Update 1 (10/6/10) Added trend lines to plots based on suggestion from reader. Update 2: Extended to 2014, included R script.

Here’s my RClimate script trend chart of 1979-2010  NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice Extent data.  I have plotted NSIDC’s maximum and minimum sea ice extent for each year and my calculated value for seasonal melt (maximum – minimum). (Click image to enlarge)


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Arctic Oscillation: 1 – Trends (Update 1)

arctic oscillation (AO): 1 –  trends Since 1950

In this post, I begin a series on the Arctic Oscillation (AO) .  This post  presents a chart of monthly AO Index from 1950 to the present and introductory information on AO .  I will be updating this chart each month as NOAA updates the data series.  A link to the RClimate script that downloads the source data from NOAA is provided.

Update 1: Reader skrafner noticed that my plot legend indicated a 60-day moving average while the script actually calculated a 60-month moving avg. I’ve updated  the script and plot.

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GISS August, 2010 Temperature Anomalies

GISS has issued their August, 2010 temperature anomalies. Here’s the long term trend and 2×2 degree map.

Mapping Temperature Anomalies with R: UPDATE 12/17/13

In this post I show how to map NASA GISS’s  2×2 degree temperature anomaly data using R mapping tools. Rather than rely on a single value to reflect monthly global temperature anomaly, this map shows the anomalies  in each of the 16,200 cells in a  2 degree lon/lat grid. This lets us see the details that make up the global mean, we can see which areas are warmer and which are cooler.  I provide a link to my RClimate script and data file so that interested R users can make their own maps.

Here’s my R Climate map of NASA’s July 2010 2×2 degree data set. (Click map to check out the enlargement )

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Global Warming in My Lifetime – July’s Story

NASA GISS has a great web application that let’s users generate  maps of global monthly temperature anomalies in 2 degree grids.  I’ve made a 27 second video of 7 decade maps for July to see how global temperature anomalies have progressed through my life so far.

Here’s the link to NASA GISS’s map application page. It’s very easy to use.

My video shows 7 maps, each showing the July average for each of the 16,200 grid cells (2×2 lat/lon).
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Enhanced UAH Channel 5 Temperature Anomaly Trend Chart: Update 1

This post discusses my updated and enhanced UAH Channel 5 daily trend chart. Updated 3/29/11

Update 1: 3/29/11

Since I have received a number of comments and questions about this post, I am updating it to address these comments and improve the chart.

I plot the Channel 5 data because it is available in rear real time so that readers can get a sense for how the monthly global temperature anomaly is shaping up. However, the comments tell me that there is some confusion about Channel 5 and how it compares to the UAH TLT data.

Lucia at The Blackboard has a detailed discussion of UAH TLT and Channel 5 here. Bob Illis has an interesting chart that shows the differences between UAH TLT and Channel 5 here.

Dr. Roy Spencer discussed tracking daily global temperature anomalies here.

I have revised my chart to show both the UAH TLT 5.4 and Channel 5 monthly trends as well as the daily Channel 5 data for the current month.


Original Post

I’ve added this UAH Channel 5 trend chart to my sidebar:  (Click to enlarge)

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