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September Anomaly Trends Show Global Warming Continues: Update 1

In this post I present a trend chart which shows the September anomaly trends for the 5 major global temperature anomaly series and a table that shows how September 2010 ranks over the entire record for each series. The source data and RClimate script file links are provided.

Update 1: In a comment,  ChristianP  suggested the addition of a loess regression fit to the trend line chart. Thanks ChristianP.

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Checking Do-It-Yourself Climate Science

Do-it-yourself citizen scientists need to conduct proper data analysis to reach valid conclusions.

In this post I show how the blogger Inconvenient Skeptic misleads himself on the role of the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation in  global warming because he misinterprets his own trend charts and implies causation from correlation.

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