LearnR Toolkit To Help Excel Users Move Up To R

As a former  Excel chart user, I want to help current Excel users make the transition to more advanced charting R with as little difficulty as possible. This post introduces my LearnR Toolkit to help Excel users move up to R in a systematic, step by step fashion.


As an Excel chart user, I wanted to produce panel charts like this:

After using VBA to build Excel panel charts (link), I knew I had to use a more advanced charting tool to continue my global warming, citizen climate science studies.  R was the logical solution; I have made the switch to R and am now able to generate the types of charts I need to continue my citizen climate science efforts.

LearnR Toolkit

I’ve put together  a series of instructional PowerPoint,  video modules with supporting  R scripts and data files to help Excel users learn R. You can download either the  Zip file that includes the PPT file, video files, R script example files and example data files for a module or just download the PPT file which includes the embedded video.

Here’s a list of the modules with links to the Zip and PPT files.

Learn R Toolkit Modules

Zip includes: PPT, Videos, Example Script & Data Files
only includes PPT & Embedded Video

Click Link to Download Zip or PPT File

Topic Zip
Intro Getting Familiar with R
Intro to LearnR Toolkit
1 Install & Set Up R Zip 1 PPT_1
2 Compare R and Excel Worlds Zip 2 PPT_2
3 R Script Basics Zip 3 PPT_3
4 R Charts Zip 4 PPT_4
5 Box, Dot, Histogram, Strip Charts Zip 5 PPT_5

When viewing a PPT file, be sure to put PowerPoint in slide show  mode to be able to see the embedded videos. When you advance to a slide that introduces a video, click inside the large box that shows the 1st screen of the video to start the video.

Installing Zip Files

The full Learn R Toolkit includes an Introduction and 5 modules, with 80 files.  Users who want to access the R scripts and data files that I discuss in the videos should download the Zip file for the desired module.

I have organized the PowerPoint files, videos and scripts to be located in the C:\Learn_R\ directory. Each module should be located in a subdirectory of the C:\Learn_R\ directory.

Since your system is likely different from mine (PC, Window XP) I can not describe exactly what you will see. On my system,  when I download a zip file, I get a screen like the one below:

You will need to Extract the Zip file to your hard drive. Press the Extract menu (or equivalent). It will bring up a window where you specify the folder where the files should be placed. You can now create a C:\Learn_R folder by pressing the yellow folder icon to the right of the Extract to address box. This will bring up a new Create Folder window. Enter the C:\Learn_R \ here. Then press OK. Note – you only have to create the folder once, for the later zip files you can simply select the C:\Learn_R folder.

Once you have created your C:/LearnR folder and unzipped your module, you will want to view the module. Navigate to the C:/LearnR folder, select the sub folder (Introduction, Module 1,etc) and then select the PowerPoint file in that folder.

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6 responses to “LearnR Toolkit To Help Excel Users Move Up To R

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  2. Thank you very much for providing this tutorial! I started loving the amazing things which can be done in R.. More power to you!

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  5. Emil Begtrup-Bright

    this is truly a great help. Thanks alot for making it available to us!

    Greetings from a danish sociology-student

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